FAQ(Pre-Order Policy)

Once you receive your package take a selfie and email meechcorleon@gmail.com for the opportunity to be featured on our website; also tag us on our Instagram page for the opportunity to be featured on our Instagram page✅

  1. "Pre-Order Policy"                                                                                   
How long is production? Everything ships out 6 WEEKS after products is SOLD OUT. We do this method to ensure the proper processing time for the products to get made, so once their made the shipment ships out to our stateside processing plant where we can overview everything that was ordered and make sure everything is Perfect, once confirmed then we ship the orders out to everyone.
Everything for By❌odeBlack is exclusively stitched and embroidered to each piece of fabric, everything is crafted hand made. Our main material manufacturer is overseas in (Bologna, Italy) to ensure the best HIGH CLASS FAHSION on the market. It takes 21-28 processing days to complete bulk orders so please allow for the proper production time and shipment of all of the merchandise products. Everything is coming custom stitched and embroidered, inside woven neck labels, outside woven neck labels, care neck labels, hang-tags, and comes in a custom polybag. Once the products has arrived to our stateside processing warehouse, we can overview the merchandise to make sure everything is perfect followed by shipping them directly to the customers. Once completed, orders are shipped to customers provided updated shipping information via USPS and UPS per the shipping you choose to receive. Download this app SHOP, you can track all your packages and keep updated production and shipping information as well.
  1. What is the washing routine for the clothes?                                    Machine washable and Dry Cleanable. Wash on Cold, Normal Dry. All graphic shirts can survive up to 75 washes (factory tested). Clothes with the Patches that include: Unisex shirts, Male and Female clothes, wash on light with cold water followed by a normal dry; dry cleaning is also a option. IF YOU PLAN ON WASHING THE SHIRT HEAVENLY, GET A SIZE UP, JUST FOR SHRINKAGE PRECAUTION.
  2. How can I become a Brand Ambassador?                                            Send serious inquires to meechcorleon@gmail.com. Once responded to, a resume is asked for and a interview is setup for the potential job.